We intend to keep open for as long as we are allowed to and will follow government guidelines to minimise the risk of cross contamination. The steps we take to achieve this will be reviewed daily.

Most of our plants are outside in the fresh air. Keeping a safe distance away from other customers and staff may mean it takes a little longer to find what you are looking for, but it has become a necessity and I am sure we will all adjust to it. Please give other customers and staff plenty of space, and do not be surprised if staff give their help and advice from 2 metres away.

There are washing facilities in the customer toilet and a new hand drier which switches itself on without being touched.

Duncan and Sons and their subcontractors are working as hard as they can to complete our new building in which we will put tills and packing materials. As this is more than twice as big as the existing building used for packing plants, there will be much more space and therefore room for people to keep further apart.

We have a nursery full of plants so we very much appreciate your support. It is already clear that people will be spending more time in their gardens this summer. Vegetables are especially popular. Night temperatures are going to be low for the next few nights so it’s too early to think about planting tomatoes for now. Diarmid will be potting them next week, so the first batch will be ready, if a little small, in early April.