Seed potatoes are in!

And what a wonderful selection we have for 2022:


All seed potatoes are sold loose at £2/Kg, this gives you an opportunity to try out new varieties!



First Earlies

Pentland Javelin – Very bright appearance with a mild flavour. Good for boiling and salads.

Red Duke of York – A traditional red-skinned heritage variety with eye-catching, vigorous foliage. A good all-rounder, and especially good roasted.

Rocket – Very early, so best harvested early to enjoy that ‘new potato’ taste. Best for boiling and salads.

Sharpes Express – Great tasting floury potato with bright white flesh and a smooth skin. Good all-rounder, but take care not to boil them too much!

Swift – Exceptionally early variety which produces lots of small round potatoes – enjoy them straight from the garden. Best for boiling and salads.

Home Guard – As its name suggests, Potato ‘Home Guard’ was a wartime variety introduced in 1942 to become a Second World War favourite. This heritage variety remains equally popular today, producing consistently good yields of firm, creamy white, dry fleshed tubers with a good flavour.

Foremost – Foremost potatoes are short to oval in shape with white skin and waxy white flesh. Bake them, boil them or throw them in a salad.

Second Early

Kestral – Lovely flavour and an attractive shape with splashes of colour over the eyes. Good all-rounder.

Wilja – The flesh is of a medium dry texture making this an excellent all round potato for roast, boiling, jackets and chips. One of Wilja’s enduring advantages over some potatoes is that it holds its shape well even when boiled for a couple of minutes longer than necessary.

Main Crop

Maris Piper – Excellent, high yielding all-rounder with even shape and size. A national favourite.

Cara- Cara gives heavy yields of smooth skinned, round tubers with shallow red eyes. It is ideal for baking and plants have good resistance to eelworm, virus and blight.

Salad Potatoes

Charlotte – A very attractive long potato with an unbeatable creamy flavour. Best for boiling, roasting and salads. SOLD OUT

Nicola – Easy to grow with a good flavour, this high yielding salad crop has a creamy yellow flesh, smooth skin and a nice shape. Best for boiling and salads.

Pink Fir Apple – this knobbly salad potato has an unrivalled nutty flavour. Best boiled in their skin for salads.


Elephant Garlic – Milder tasting garlic despite its size, produces large bulbs.

White Cristo – Bright, white bulbs with a sweet delicate flavour.

Onion Sets

Turbo – Late maturing onion, with a crisp strong flavour.

Golden Gourmet Shallot – Mild, sweet flavour.

Red Sun – Really good flavour for salads, cooking or pickling.

Stuggart – Trusted garden variety, easy to prepare in kitchen with a great taste.

Red Baron – Glossy red skins and a strong flavour.