Plant Pots

Our range of plant pots includes:

  • Standard flower pots – inexpensive and looking good, plants are easily removed from them for potting on.
  • More ornamental pots – come in a all shapes and sizes including square. Most of these have a fairly soft look and some are patterned. They have a timeless quality and will continue to look good over the years.
  • Urns – without any planting these make a wonderful feature in the garden. Available in mellow coloured clay and a harder and heavier salt glaze.
  • Glazed – we don’t sell a great many of these, but sometimes they are irresistible so we stock a few
  • Fibreclay – are the nearest thing to lead. In round and square sizes, they are lightweight, durable.
  • Cretan pots – handmade and in all shapes and sizes (up to 95cm tall)

Pot Buying Guide

All plants require drainage, so just check the drainage holes. We do sell a few pots that are designed for water storage.

Plants that are short lived or replaced annual or a little less often can go in any shape of pot.

Some woody plants which form an extensive and tough root system can be virtually impossible to remove from pots that have a neck narrower than the middle. If the plants are valuable which Acers and Camellias can be, you might need to crack the pot to remove the plant several years later. All shrubs have a limited life in pots and will ultimately need moving to a larger size. Therefore choose conical pots for these valuable subjects.

It’s much easier to pot a plant on if the there is a decent gap between the plant root ball and the side of the pot. If you are going to pot a plant on, you might as well give it’s roots a generous amount of space in which to grow.

Plant Pots - Potting on


Keep the drainage holes clear at all times.

Common reasons for poor drainage.

  • Heavy pots slowly sink into soft surfaces and the drainage hole becomes blocked.
  • Compost slowly fills the edges of the bottom rim of pots stood on smooth surfaces. The water can get out of the drainage hole, but not beyond the edge of the pot.

Good drainage is vital for the longevity of your pot and essential for your plants.

Raise your pots a little on broken tiles, pot feet or shingle. Move small pots occasionally and clean underneath them.


Plant Pots