About plant supply Spring 2022.

As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, gardening has reached new heights of popularity and while the increase in sales is welcome, there are some big drawbacks.

Many plants have a long production cycle, often 6 – 36 months, so when plants have sold out, there is no way of quickly replacing them. This problem is universal, the supply of plants is very limited and it is coupled with strong demand so stocks of many plants have simply run out.

Growers and nursery people are therefore waiting for a lot of stock to grow roots and shoots to bring it to a stage whereby it can be knocked out of the pot and planted without the root ball falling to pieces. We just have to wait and pray for some mild spring weather. We have good stocks of our own plants, so and the supply side will ease with a few weeks of good weather. For the time being, we supply what we have and carry on with our potting.

Whether it’s Brexit or weather or increased demand, the supply side for the sundries used for growing has also fallen to bits. My compost supplier can’t source enough bark for mulches, or coir for making peat free mixes. These products are hard to get hold of at times. All the mixes we sell have a minimum of 30% wood fibre so are peat reduced.

The supply of terracotta pots is also precarious, with increasing of costs and limited supply.

The availability lists which we receive from suppliers are listing an increasing range of stock, but there is still a long way to go. This is especially true of shrubs which are naturally slow growing and take time to make saleable plants.

Plant Lists

Below are lists of plants available on 23rd June 2022. Please be aware that as the plants are sold, the quantities reduce and some plants will sell out.

Fortnightly or weekly, if warm in the spring, we check our stock to see if there is adequate root and shoot growth to make plants saleable.

When the plants are large enough and we are satisfied that they will transplant without root damage, we put them out for sale and routinely update the plant lists.

As we grow a large proportion of what we sell, staff are extremely busy in spring/summer production as well as restocking for retail, we regret we are unable to pick and save customer orders. Please use these lists as a guide as to what we have in stock this month and visit us where we are able to help with any plant advice. We have many more seasonal plants that will not feature on our main plant lists.

We have a wide range of bedding and summer plants available, we do not have a stock list for tender perennials, as they sell through so quickly, so please come in and view our range or alternatively email us to see if we have a particular plant in stock.

Lists are in pdf format for easy printing: