Our current crop of Pansies and Violas are bred to provide optimum flower during all but the coldest spells of winter. The pansies are have larger flowers, the violas have more, but smaller flowers.

Pansies and Violas 8cm square pots

65p each

£8.70 for 15 (58p) any mix of varieties

Panola Beaconsfield Xp
Panola True Blue Xp
Panola Deep Orange Xp
Panola Purple Xp
Panola Scarlet Xp
Panola Yellow Xp
Panola White Xp
Panola Rose Picotee Xp
Matrix Pink Shades
Matrix Primrose
Matrix Purple And White

Mystical Pineapple Crush
Mystical Banana Cream
Frizzle Sizzle Mini Purple
Quicktime Mickey
Quicktime Lemon Jump Up
Sorbet Orange Jump Up
Sorbet Midnight Glow
Sorbet Delft Blue
Sorbet Orange

Hanging basket violas

10cm pots £1.39 each

Cool Wave Raspberry Swirl

Wallflowers 8cm square pots

58p each, £7.20 for 15 any mix of varieties

Wallflowers produce scented flowers in the spring. To identify the varieties while the plants have foliage only and no flowers, we insert colour labels in each pot. The colours used are shown below in brackets.

Cloth Of Gold (yellow labels)
Fire King (orange labels)
Vulcan (red labels)
Primrose Bedder (green labels)
Ruby Gem (mauve labels)
Ivory White (white labels)
Persian Carpet (no labels)
Harlequin Mixed (blue labels)