Equipment Sale

Retail Benches

Plant benches made 2018;  with central header and bed card label track. Benches lined with polythene, folded over sides and capped to prevent water coming into contact with internal timber.

The benches have a sloping base for drainage and there are 3 outlets. The base layer is topped with Lytag. A layer of ground cover fabric prevents the top layer of 50 – 75mm of sand from mixing with the lytag layer. We topped them with microporous polythene.

These benches worked well for us. The layer of sand reduced frost damage to roots in the winter, while wicking excess moisture out of the pots. In the summer, the sand holds some moisture which will move into dry pots, and also still wicks excess moisture out of small plants in wet composts. In drought summers, the drainage can be blocked to leave plants with a reservoir of water.

The benches have been stood on levelled quarters of 450 mm square slabs. This helps keep even water distribution and almost eliminates the rot that occurs when bench legs sink into soft ground.

Sloping base filled with lytag, topped with coarse sand and microporous polythene to finish. Benches can be joined together to regulate water level.

21           1.8 wide 2.45 long including Lytag.              £180 VAT inc

5              1.8 x 3.05 long including Lytag                    £180 VAT inc

Discount for quantity.

Pots for growing. Ex VAT

1.5 boxes            Black 8 x 8 x 7 Vac pots Soparco 1239 per box £22.90

1,000                     Vacapot singles – grey 9cm H. Smith £28.30/box

2                              2280 Teku 9 x 9 x 9.5 Thermoformed      £124/box

1 +33/36              Desch 9cm high Terracotta out/beige in. Full pots 2340 per box £65/full box, £59 part box

3.3                          10.5cm Thermo low terracotta 1800 per box Aeroplas £50/box

½                             Desch 12cm 8°  low black 1140 per box. £38

6                             Teku VCH13VBA 12cm dia x 10.6 Black deep 1428 per box  £90.18/box

2                              Soparco black 1 litre square         315 per box £24 per box

2                              Modiform 13cm 8° Black in, terracotta out

3                              H Smith singles carry tray for 15 7x7cm  pots. 150 per box £22/box

White rectangular tubs with lids. 1260 per box. Can be used for prepacking fertilisers 1kg per tub £37.80 per box

USED TRAYS – carry trays and for keeping plants upright and in contact with capillary mat etc.

EMPOT trays

500+      7cm x 30 – £30 per 100

500+      9cm x 20 – £30 per 100

35           9cm x 20 (round leg) – £30 per 100

130         9cm x 18 – £30 per 100

94           1l x 12 – 75p each

47           2l x 8 – 75p each

31           3l x 6 – 75p each


All 75p each

475         10 – 10.5cm x 15

39           10 – 10.5cm x 15 (flat bottom)

110         12 – 13cms x 8

103         13 – 14cm x 6

41           17cm x 5


68           19cm 3ltr x 3

Carry Trays.  395 x 270 x 70mm. Fix together with a staple in each corner. Stored in the dry, 1 pallet of cling wrapped of 2,500 and 1230 loose.  £20 per 100 ex vat

Javo potting machine for sale. Pneumatic pot dispenser, good working order. Comes with pot holders for 7k to 3ltr.

Gregoire compost mixer.

This machine tumbles the compost gently, preserving its structure. It was used either to break up bagged compost and then feed it into the Javo, or to mix compost for use on a potting bench.

New ‘tyres’ were cast onto the drive wheels 2 years ago. 415V