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Pansies, Violas and Wallflowers 2021

2021-10-05T14:29:08+01:00October 5th, 2021|Walled Garden News|

Our current crop of Pansies and Violas are bred to provide optimum flower during all but the coldest spells of winter. The pansies are have larger flowers, the violas have more, but smaller flowers. Pansies and Violas 8cm square pots 65p each £8.70 for 15 (58p) any mix of varieties PANSY Panola Beaconsfield Xp Panola True Blue Xp Panola Deep Orange Xp Panola Purple Xp Panola Scarlet Xp Panola Yellow Xp Panola White Xp Panola Rose Picotee Xp Matrix Pink Shades Matrix Primrose Matrix Purple And White VIOLA Mystical Pineapple Crush Mystical Banana Cream Frizzle Sizzle Mini Purple Quicktime Mickey Quicktime Lemon Jump Up Sorbet Orange Jump Up Sorbet Midnight [...]

Pallets for sale

2021-02-14T15:58:38+00:00February 14th, 2021|Walled Garden News|

We have large numbers of surplus pallets for sale, many 1 x 1.2 m and some other sizes. If you are interested in numbers of 25 or more, please phone Jim on 01728 602510. Minimal cost. These pallets are not graded but are sound and useable, take the rough with the smooth. Advance notice of collection required, so we can have them ready for you to collect.

Winter Flowering Pansies and Wallflowers 2020

2020-09-27T13:47:14+01:00September 27th, 2020|Walled Garden News|

We sowed seed for violas and wallflowers a little later this year. One of the characteristics of many new tender perennial varieties is that they just keep on flowering, provided they are kept supplied with water and nutrients. Violas and wallflowers get planted a bit later, hence the later sowing. They are all out for sale now and there are a few variety changes from last year. Pansies, Violas and Wallflowers for Autumn planting 2020 Panola pansies – reliable for their winter hardiness and repeat flowering characteristics Viola Panola Beaconsfield   Beaconsfield True Blue Deep Orange Purple Sunburst Scarlet Yellow White Primrose Pink Shades   Viola Sorbet series [...]

2020-05-12T16:10:55+01:00May 12th, 2020|Walled Garden News|

The Walled Garden is open again, 9.30, Wednesday 13th. Thank you for all your support during the closure of the nursery. The good news is that there are plenty of good looking plants ready for sale, many even more bushy than usual because they have been pinched and cut back. All plants have been grown colder, and some have been outside for quite a while. As a result they are tougher. 95% of our annuals, tender perennials and vegetables are already out for sale. If you can’t see a particular plant, it is unlikely to be available in the next 2 – 3 weeks. It has not been [...]

Plant lists updated 28th April, 2020

2020-04-28T15:34:31+01:00April 28th, 2020|Walled Garden News|

As the possibility of being unlocked draws seems just a little bit more likely, I have posted up to date plant lists for the hardy stock on our plant list page. They do at least show what is present on the nursery today, 28th April. The nursery has been closed for a month. We considered the possibility of making local deliveries and soon discounted it. We don't have a van or staff used to driving one and the admin of organising it would take a lot of time. We have therefore been focusing our time on looking after the plants. For the time being the glasshouse sales area has been filled [...]

Covid 19 – Nursery closed

2020-08-15T12:06:51+01:00March 24th, 2020|Walled Garden News|

20th March 2020 In line with current government regulations and to ensure the safety of customers and staff, it is with the greatest regret that The Walled Garden is now closed. Hopefully with time, it might become clearer as to whether we are able to make pre-ordered plants available for collection but my understanding is that this is not currently permissible. For the first time in many years, I will be able to dig my garden and plant vegetables at the correct time. I hope that you all remain well and will and spend spare hours in the garden preparing for the time when plants become available again.

The Virus and Us – WE ARE OPEN

2020-03-20T22:22:03+00:00March 20th, 2020|Walled Garden News|

We intend to keep open for as long as we are allowed to and will follow government guidelines to minimise the risk of cross contamination. The steps we take to achieve this will be reviewed daily. Most of our plants are outside in the fresh air. Keeping a safe distance away from other customers and staff may mean it takes a little longer to find what you are looking for, but it has become a necessity and I am sure we will all adjust to it. Please give other customers and staff plenty of space, and do not be surprised if staff give their help and advice from 2 [...]

2020-02-11T17:26:43+00:00February 11th, 2020|Walled Garden News|

Sunday Opening The nursery is open again on Sundays starting 16th February. Wet though the winter has been, it has been mild and many plants are already showing signs of growth. The nursery is well stocked with perennials, shrubs and climbers and the primroses, polyanthus and violas have plenty of flowers and produce enough scent to lift the spirits on these stormy days.

Winter Flowering Pansies and Wallflowers

2019-09-18T16:02:38+01:00September 14th, 2019|Walled Garden News|

Viola Panola True Blue Pansies, Violas and Wallflowers for Autumn planting The full range is on sale now Panola pansies – reliable for their winter hardiness and repeat flowering characteristics Beaconsfield True Blue Deep Orange Purple Sunburst Scarlet Yellow White Primrose Pink Shades Yellow & Purple Viola Sorbet series – Good winter flowerers, the flowers are much smaller and even more profuse than Panolas Lavender Pink Lemon Jump Up Neptune Yellow Blue Jump Up Yellow Pink Jump Up Orange Jump Up White All Pansies and Violas 8cm pots 60p each 1 – 5 trays £6.60 per tray of 12 (55p) for any mix of 8cm pansies or [...]

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