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The busy season

2017-04-19T15:55:27+01:00April 19th, 2017|Jims Jottings|

Jim’s Jotting for April   It can be hard to fathom which are the climatic factors which make the nursery busy in March. After the winter customer drought, I am always relieved when the thermometer climbs above 10°. Whilst I don’t regard this March as particularly warm, sunshine levels have been higher than normal and there has been no night frost. As sunshine is my power source, growth results and this year plenty of it. That all makes for good sized and healthy plants. Sunny weather results in low humidity and that results in low incidence of fungal disorders. But above all, the greatest impact of this frost free [...]


2017-04-12T13:51:13+01:00April 12th, 2017|Seasonal Tips|

From time to time, sundry samples of leaves and twigs are brought to the nursery, some for identification, others for the identification of those pests that have eaten them, or fungi that have infested them. Evergreens retain their leaves for many more months than deciduous plants and therefore accumulate more evidence of damage. On many species, these old leaves will drop as young fresh ones appear. Do not, therefore, be over concerned about the tatty appearance of these older leaves. The majority of damage sustained on these old leaves occurred many months ago and the assailants have long since vanished. Its worth digging out an old magnifying glass, or better [...]

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