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Roses and tulips…

2017-03-22T19:29:31+00:00March 22nd, 2017|Walled Garden News|

Our roses and tulips went out on the nursery today.  The roses are £14.95, and we have a number of climbers, shrubs and ramblers: Maidens Blush AGM Fantin Latour AGM Juno Cardinal de Richelieu Complicata Mme Louis Leveque Arthur de Sansal Kazanlik Variegta di Bologna Schneezwerg Ferdinand Pichard Cornelia Moonlight Prosperity Bonica Sally Holmes Tall Story White Pet Golden Beuaty Aloha AGM Awakening Compassion Clg. AGM Eden Rose 88 Gloire de Dijon Golden Showers Iceberg Clg AGM Mme. Alfred Carriere AGM Shot Silk Clg Ethel Felicte et Perpetue Laure Davoust The Garland AGM Wedding Day Veilchenblau AGM And our potted tulip list: Tulip humilis Violacea 'Yellow Base' Tulip humilis [...]

Spring jobs…

2017-03-09T12:43:29+00:00March 9th, 2017|Seasonal Tips|

As spring arrives there are two jobs to get on with now: prune shrubs grown for winter stem colour including  Cornus, Salix and Rubus. To allow the sap to rise and to see promising young leaves emerge, only to cut them off is wasteful and will reduce the development of young shoots. Cut back also Hydrangea paniculata varieties if you are after sumptuous cones of flower in late summer. The other key job now is to apply fertiliser where it is needed. Sandy soils, low in organic matter, can have virtually no nitrogen. Apply small amounts of growmore or rose food over the root zone of any impoverished plants. Rain [...]

Sowing and pricking out…

2017-03-09T12:36:26+00:00March 9th, 2017|Jims Jottings|

Pricking out; the process of putting a single seedling into a cell or pot was in my college days an essential skill. Nowadays, the total mechanisation, mass production of and distribution of plants in trays of up to 300 cells has vastly reduced the importance of this skill. Allowing the seedlings to grow for an additional two days while a ‘pricker outer’ is off work, makes the task of pricking them out slow and with a loss of quality. I therefore grabbed the opportunity to purchase a secondhand seeding machine from an old college friend. He swore it was the best thing he every bought and the results had funded [...]

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