The Walled Garden is open again, 9.30, Wednesday 13th. Thank you for all your support during the closure of the nursery.

The good news is that there are plenty of good looking plants ready for sale, many even more bushy than usual because they have been pinched and cut back. All plants have been grown colder, and some have been outside for quite a while. As a result they are tougher. 95% of our annuals, tender perennials and vegetables are already out for sale. If you can’t see a particular plant, it is unlikely to be available in the next 2 – 3 weeks. It has not been possible to sow or pot some plants not knowing whether we would be able to sell them or not.

We do expect to be busy when we reopen and must balance keeping customers and staff safe, processing sales through the till efficiently and still trying to put enough stock put out while keeping all the plants fed and watered. Our aim is therefore rather focussed on this and I regret for the time being that there will be less staff around to offer advice. We will do what we can.

Coronavirus operating restrictions

Customer numbers will be limited to the number by the number of car parking spaces. When they are full, no further entry of cars will be allowed.

No more than 2 people together.

No dogs except assistance dogs.

Please select a trolley from the ‘cleaned trolley’ area.

No two person lifting is allowed. Please only buy what you can load yourself.

Payment by contactless (£45 or less), or credit/debit card is preferred.

We are unable to accept orders, keep plants for collection later, or delivery.

The coffee machine is closed as no drinks sold on the premises can be consumed on the premises.

Please pay special attention to the till layout in order to maintain 2 metre distancing.

If needed, seek help before going to pay. Our till staff are not permitted to leave the till area.