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Winter flowering pansies, Violas and Wallflowers

We grow the Panola strain of winter flowering pansies. They flower well throughout all but the coldest spells of wintery weather, remain compact and flower with added vigour in the spring. Available in 8cm pots (bigger and bushier than pack grown plants).

60p each

15 or more 53p.

12 colours to choose from

Viola Sorbet

Panola flowers aren’t huge, but for those that like a profusion of small neat flowers, choose from our range of Sorbet violas. The come in 9 colours, from yellow to black.

Wallflowers in 8 varieties. Good stocky bushy plants, they never look exciting in leaf, but look forward to the rich scent on colourful flowers in the spring as the bees buzz around them.

53p each

15 or more, 46p each

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