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Visiting the nursery – May, 2020

Saturday, 16th May. On the 3 days since opening we have been extremely busy, not uncomfortably inundated with customers, but with big trolleys of plants going through the till which takes time. A queue inevitably builds up.

Please help us by:

Ensuring you have gathered all your purchases together before going though the till.

If you have time and are waiting, you might even be able to arrange your plants so varieties are together and barcodes showing. We can pack them quicker.

Ask any technical questions, not to till staff, but to members of staff circulating in the sales area.

Have your payment card ready. We do not accept Apple pay over £45

Thank you

Any till delay is not recoverable. It’s not a situation I like as it’s a bit impersonal, but on the other hand, I don’t like to see people having to wait in long queues.

Where is this all going:

Skilled nursery staff are as rare as hen’s teeth. We can’t conjure up more and will manage as best we can. We have problems restocking.

With all garden centres now open, orders from suppliers have lead times 2 – 3 times longer than usual, so items will sell out.

The supply of plants is finite. With much of our own stock, we are in a better position than some, but there is only so much.

Thanks to all our customers for their support. It’s very heartening.

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