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Roses and tulips…

Our roses and tulips went out on the nursery today.  The roses are £14.95, and we have a number of climbers, shrubs and ramblers:

Maidens Blush AGM
Fantin Latour AGM
Cardinal de Richelieu
Mme Louis Leveque
Arthur de Sansal
Variegta di Bologna
Ferdinand Pichard
Sally Holmes
Tall Story
White Pet
Golden Beuaty
Aloha AGM
Compassion Clg. AGM
Eden Rose 88
Gloire de Dijon
Golden Showers
Iceberg Clg AGM
Mme. Alfred Carriere AGM
Shot Silk Clg
Felicte et Perpetue
Laure Davoust
The Garland AGM
Wedding Day
Veilchenblau AGM

And our potted tulip list:

Tulip humilis Violacea ‘Yellow Base’
Tulip humilis ‘Persian Pearl’
Tulip kolpakowskiana
Tulip saxatilis
Tulip turkestanica
Tulip ‘Appeldoorn’
Tulip ‘Artist’
Tulip ‘Attila’
Tulip ‘Ballerina’
Tulip ‘Blumex Favourite’
Tulip ‘Carnival de Nice’
Tulip ‘Cassini’
Tulip ‘China Pink’
Tulip ‘Don Quichotte’
Tulip ‘Dordogne’
Tulip ‘Estrella Rijnveld’
Tulip ‘Gavota’
Tulip ‘Golden Appeldoorn’
Tulip ‘Golden Emperor’
Tulip ‘Happy Generation’
Tulip ‘Holland Beauty’
Tulip ‘Hollywood’
Tulip ‘Queen Of Night’
Tulip ‘Kings Blood’
Tulip ‘Negrita’
Tulip ‘Pink Emperor’
Tulip ‘Princess Irene’
Tulip ‘Purple Dream’
Tulip ‘Purple Prince’
Tulip ‘Rococo’
Tulip ‘Roi du Midi’
Tulip ‘Ronaldo’
Tulip ‘Spring Green’
Tulip ‘Synaeda King’
Tulip ‘Tarafa’
Tulip ‘Texas Flame’
Tulip ‘West Point’
Tulip ‘White Triumphator’
Tulip Mixed


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