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Pot grown Wallflowers

Wallflowers in pots

2017 Wallflowers are grown in 8cm square pots. These are larger than last year and as the plants have been given more space, they are bigger and better branched. The sooner they are planted in the autumn, the larger they will grow, and come the spring, they will be covered in scented flowers.

If used with plantings of winter pansies, they add a bit of height. For many years, we have planted lily flowered tulips among our wallflowers and these, or other taller tulips, make a striking spring display with the added bonus of a pleasant fragrance in the spring.

Pick and mix as you wish from the varieties listed below to achieve the best price

8cm square pots 49p each

15 or more 42p (£6.30 per tray of 15)


Blood Red


Primrose Bedder

Fire King

Ruby Gem

Ivory White

Cloth of Gold

Persian Carpet

Pot grow – no risk of soil born disease; no root disturbance when planted; plants can be kept ready for planting for a reasonable period without spoiling.

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