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Plant Lists

Here are lists of the stock that we had available on 21st September, 2019. As it is sold, the numbers reduce and some plants will sell out. Additions are also being made.

Lists are in pdf. format.

The Walled Garden Ferns and Grasses 21st Sept 2019

The Walled Garden Climbers List 21st September, 2019

The Walled Garden Hardy Perennials 21st Sep 2019

The Walled Garden Shrub List 21st Sept 2019

Pansies, Violas and Wallflowers for Autumn planting

Panola pansies – reliable for their winter hardiness and repeat flowering characteristics

True Blue
Deep Orange
Pink Shades
Yellow & Purple

Viola Sorbet series – Good winter flowerers, the flowers are much smaller and even more profuse than Panolas
Lavender Pink
Lemon Jump Up

Yellow Blue Jump Up
Yellow Pink Jump Up
Orange Jump Up

All Pansies and Violas

8cm pots

60p each

1 – 5 trays £6.60 per tray of 12 (55p) for any mix of 8cm pansies or violas

6 trays or more – £6.00 per tray of 12 (50p) for any mix of 8cm pansies or violas

Pansy Cool Wave – trailing 10cm pots, 99p each




Sugar Rush Wallflowers are a repeat flowering type. They are just beginning to flower and will carry on into the spring.
Sugar Rush Orange

Sugar Rush Purple Bicolour
Sugar Rush Primrose

10cm pots £1.12 each

Spring Flowering Wallflowers

Cloth Of Gold
Fire King
Primrose Bedder
Ruby Gem
Ivory White
Persian Carpet
Harlequin Mixed

8cm square pots

53p each

5.75 per tray of 12 for any mix of varieties in 8cm pots

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