The Walled Garden Welcome to The Walled Garden

Park Rd, Benhall, Saxmundham, Suffolk, IP17 1JB

01728 602510

Opening hours

9.30 - 5.00  Tuesday to Sunday (closed Mondays except bank holidays)

Open all Bank Holidays and each day of Easter break  

Autumn is here. Even in East Suffolk, we have had an ample supply of rain to soften the soil and make planting easy.

Even if there is not much top growth, roots growth will be active and autumn planted plants will have a much bigger root system to support new growth in the spring.

New stocks for bulbs for autumn planting are out for sale. Planting spring bulbs is the easiest way to have some spring colour. It’s very simple.

Seasonal plants for the autumn

Wallflowers in 8 varieties.

Winter flowering pansies in 11 varieties and mixed.

Sweet williams.